Concert tickets…where are the stubs nowadays?

Today’s technology is slowly taking away the novelty of what it replaces. 

I can’t remember the last time I went to a concert in Boston and held an actual TICKET in my hand. Maybe, it’s because I’m lazy and can print it out from my computer rather than go to the box office, but that’s aside from the point…or is it? I really miss collecting ticket stubs, but having a piece of printed paper just doesn’t feel right.

I found this article online among a select few, as no one seems to be covering this fairly interesting social observation:

Apparently, there’s an option where physical or even printed tickets are never actually exchanged. The only exchange is the money leaving your credit card as you swipe to get into the venue.

Check out Ticketmaster’s hilariously oversimplified explanation of this process:

Have concert-goers become so lazy that they don’t want to wait in line anymore? Where’s the dedication? If I had to wait in line to get tickets to my favorite band, I’d be tenting out in line!  I remember the last scene of “Dazed and Confused” where the group of friends drove off into the sunset to get Aerosmith tickets, their “top priority of the summer.” When we buy tickets now, it’s as easy as opening our laptops and wallets…..


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