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Jordan Daniel Deschenes

City Hall Reporter at The Somerville Times

-Contributing Writer at The American Moderate


B.A. in Journalism (UMass Amherst, Class of 2016)

Email: deschenes108@gmail.com


Links to other publications:

-The Daily Collegian

-The Odyssey Online

-portfolio and resume

This is a collection of my published news stories, university projects, freelance reporting, and of course, blog posts since 2012. Topics are regional (Massachusetts), national, and world-oriented, although I can only provide limited perspective on the latter.

Please feel free to leave comments (both negative and positive). As a writer, I believe that criticism is the most important aspect of learning to craft better quality work.

For me, pictures like this – Turkish PM aide Yusef Yerkel kicking a protestor during the Soma mining tragedy – define the role of an objective and observant journalist.

Yusef Yurkel kicking Turkish protestor (Reuters)


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