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Forget Detox, MA heroin addicts now seeking help with counseling and prescription pills

by: Jordan Deschenes

July 21, 2015


(Originally published at the Odyssey Online.)

AMHERST, MA — The “opioid crisis” sweeping Massachusetts has left a significant population of addicts seeking inpatient detox around the state, the majority of whom are unable to receive it immediately.

With major hospitals filling up beds on a daily basis, outpatient treatment (OPT) is slowly becoming the first option for addicts. Unfortunately, outpatient centers around the state have become just as overburdened as hospital beds.

Annie Park, Program Director at Adcare Hospital’s West Springfield Outpatient Counseling Center, has observed that many of the opioid-dependent patients she sees come in with no prior history of detox, or inpatient hospitalization for that matter.

“A lot of the times, people seek (outpatient) services out of a crisis situation,” says Annie Park, Program Director at Adcare’s West Springfield Outpatient Counseling Center. “We have a lot of people who come in ‘off the street’ so to say.” Continue reading


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The World Economy: “Made in China”

My latest article for the Odyssey Online at UMass Amherst. #china #tpp #trade

July 27, 2015

by: Jordan Deschenes

Although the communist nation has been excluded from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the People’s Republic of China has had other plans to fortify its place in the international economy.
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