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Sorry for the Wait

Hey All,

Sorry for my absence of posts over the past summer, I’m currently working on three pieces that I hope to be extremely eye-opening and insightful. One will look into the controversial “justifiable homicide” committed by inner-city police departments. Another will address the role of protests around the world in the past years. The final one will address historical events in a unique manner (of which I won’t reveal to you yet!) 🙂

Keep on the lookout for new posts, I’ll try to get them all finished by the end of the summer, then it’s back to school for a fresh wave of new ones!


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Email From Al Jazeera America

This is the kind of shit I want to be hearing, signs of hope for the future of reporting!


“Our Chicago and Detroit bureaus are critical components of the interconnectedness you’ll see in all news reporting on Al Jazeera America. We need our reporters to be on the ground where the news is actually happening, as what takes place in Chicago and Detroit has an impact on all Americans and communities around the world. Our strong presence in these cities will enable Al Jazeera America to report on the economic, social, political and cultural news that really matters to our viewers.”


– I like how they mention “viewers”, showing that we want to know what goes on in our country (other than how great Kim Kardashian looks, even at 6 months)!

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Ten questions I want to ask Cle Sloan, maker of ‘Bastards of the Party’

  1. How can gang violence be stopped in a way that will compromise both the gangs and the surrounding community?
  2. Why do rappers use the type of equipment that they do? Is it cheaper to buy a synthesizer than to take up another instrument?
  3. How can these communities get more income?
  4. When do most of the shootings take place? Can you identify potential shooters in anticipation of an occurrence?
  5. Can these communities protect juveniles from bad influences by adding more inspiring elements to their surroundings? ie. more job opportunities, better education, capital, more “aesthetically pleasing” surroundings?
  6. How much political involvement is there in these areas? Are there any heroic figures to look up to like Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr.?
  7. Do hip-hop and rapping help contribute to communities’ financial situations?
  8. What does the community think of gangs?
  9. Affordable musical education opportunities?
  10. Why are hispanic gangs moving into black gang-occupied communities?

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