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City labor reps petition BOA to support contract resolution

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by: Jordan Deschenes

May 17, 2017

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Ed Halloran, co-chair of the Somerville Labor Coalition (SLC), delivers testimony to the Board of Aldermen, petitioning for a resolution to encourage that evergreen clauses be in contracts with city negotiators.

Representatives from Somerville city unions and worker’s associations were in attendance at last week’s Board of Alderman meeting to petition for a resolution. Both groups asked for the aldermen to add their signatures to the motion, which would prohibit city negotiators from denying unions the ability to include evergreen clauses in public-sector contracts.

“I can validate the desperate need for an evergreen clause in Somerville contracts from personal experience and negotiations with the city over the last decade,” said Ed Halloran, co-chair of the Somerville Labor Coalition (SLC).

“The last round of contracts, which were expiring in June of 2006, took us over six years to reach a successful agreement with the city. That means we were operating without a main contract enforced or in effect over those six years.”

The resolution presented a need for city negotiators to accept evergreen clauses in newly negotiated collective bargaining agreements. One of the document’s main arguments for inclusion states that “except for the city of Somerville,” evergreen clauses are “almost universally accepted provisions in labor agreements in the Commonwealth.”

An evergreen clause is a provision in both private and public-sector collective bargaining agreements (CBA) that allows for the continuation of an original contract for a set period of time after its expiration, usually until a new contract is negotiated or terminated. Continue reading


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