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In the eyes of administration, members, UMass Paintball Team a unique addition to campus club sports


Rebooted after a five-year hiatus, the club faces a challenge to attract more funding, members

AMHERST — Despite having only seven members and having played only one season since its revival in 2013, the University of Massachusetts Paintball Team has been under high scrutiny, at least in the eyes of the SGA and the newly formed Club Sports Council.

“People were asking questions when it was formed, such as where they would practice,” said Brian Arnold, the Paintball Team advisor and Assistant Director for Leadership training at the Center for Student Development. “There were not only concerns over safety, but also the guidelines set by the university in order to receive funding,” said Arnold.

Aside from entrance fees, every member of the paintball team pays out-of-pocket for his own equipment and personal expenses – totaling around $250-$300 according to team organizer David Patlut. Expenses include a mask, gun, and paintballs – not to mention lodging and food during trips. According to Arnold, SGA guidelines prohibit funding for any equipment or expenses labeled for “individual” rather than “team” use.

“The Sports Council won’t even pay for jerseys with our names on the back, only numbers,” said Patlut, a junior. “We represent UMass Amherst. We aren’t only numbers.” Continue reading


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