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Obama ‘n’ Tits: UMass Students take part in “Riot” after Obama-reelection


AMHERST—- A massive crowd of students gathered in front of Berkshire dining common last night at around 11:30 after President Obama’s reelection was confirmed by news outlets. The Riot lasted for almost an hour and half total, ending at approximately 1 am.

Students began flooding into the Southwest concourse between 11:30 to 11:45, according to a John Quincy Adams Residence Hall security guard.

“People were coming out of the towers in groups of 5-10 people,” stated a student at the gathering, they weren’t really sure what to do since they were the first ones outside.”

Although the gathering was near 500 people, UMass Police did not break up the student-named “Riot,” contrasting the action of UMPD during last year’s protest after the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss.

Police still took precaution: according to a student walking back from the Riot, one UMass Police officer was already inside Berkshire dining common at 9:45 who was “prepared for some sort of student gathering,” no matter who won the presidential election.

At first, the Riot seemed to be a pure celebration in support of Obama: 12 out of 20 students polled at the gathering said that they voted for the president.

Early activity from the crowd included the chants, “F–k Mitt Romney” and “four more years!” Students sang the National Anthem while flinging a countless number of toilet paper rolls into the crowd and over tree branches. Vuvuzelas and whistles were also heard sparsely among the crowd.

By midnight, the crowd’s perception of the Riot’s meaning as a whole changed very quickly.

One rioter exclaimed, “I’m here cause it’s a riot! That’s why everyone’s here.”

Many students began leaving after a dorm-room window in John Quincy Adams was broken by a thrown toilet paper roll at exactly 12:02, showering students below with pieces of glass. There is currently no information as to who threw the roll.

By 12:15, the crowd’s politically charged chants soon shifted to sexually oriented ones as female students appeared in the many dorm-room windows of JQA to flash the rioters. One chant from the crowd was, “We want those tits!”

Shortly after, some students attempted to light fallen toilet paper on fire, though it proved to be pointless as the fire was quickly extinguished.

The chilly weather was a major reason for students to disperse and return to their heated dorms. Students leaving the Riot also made comments such as “I’m over it” and “I’m done,” referencing the it’s pointless and inactive progression.


     Was this “riot” really a riot or a solely political celebration? Nope. Just a bunch of kids looking for a reason to party on a Tuesday night.



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