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On the Plight of the Inner City


Note: The issue of gang violence is something that I just can’t overlook. Although I discuss mostly black inner-city history in Los Angeles and Chicago, I feel that this history directly relates to the gang problem across the country (and the world) today. In no way is this article intended to offend anyone (well, maybe the mainstream media…) In writing this piece, I simply hope to open more eyes to an issue that few know much about. 

Former gang member Kershaun Scott on joining a gang at the age of 12:

“Initially, I didn’t feel any different because the people around me didn’t change. These were the same people I grew up with, from ‘short pants’ days. These were the same people I shot marbles with, flew kites with, you know. We weren’t flying kites and shooting marbles anymore, now we were shooting at people.” 

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